Vacuum Impregnation

If you have a component that needs to be impervious to air or fluid leakage, Space Seal (Midlands) Ltd can help.

With over 33 years of experience working with metals to remove any porosity, our impregnation process ensures that ferrous and non-ferrous components do not leak air or fluids under pressure.

Ideal for automotive, marine engine parts and hydraulics we use a vacuum pressure process with sealant PC504/66 and recyclable Rexeal 100.

Being the largest impregnators in the UK we are used to processing multiple parts daily from international Blue-chip companies requiring a 24 hour or less turnaround, to a one off vintage part being restored.

To find out more ...

For a detailed outline of our impregnation process and more information on PC504/66 please click on the links below:

Rexeal 100 Sealant Product Data Sheet

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