Surface treatments available from Space Seal (Midlands) Ltd

Space Seal (Midlands) Ltd provide solutions to clean ferrous and non-ferrous components.

Chemical cleaning - components are treated with chemical etches and high-pressure rinsing on sand castings.

Dry blast cleaning - high pressure air mixed with very fine glass beads creates a uniform finish with a satin look.

Rust and corrosion removal - suitable for iron, zinc and aluminium, this process uses acid based chemicals and rinsing.

Shotblasting - only suitable for metals in a cast state, a tumble grit machine produces a clean and uniform finish in preparation for surface treatments such as chromating and plating.

Surface treatments

Space Seal (Midlands) Ltd provides a range of surface treatments to prevent corrosion (white rust) and aid paint adhesion on aluminium and zinc.

  • Zinc trivalent process (SurTec 680)
  • Aluminium trivalent process (SurTec 650)

Sulphuric anodising coatings

If you want a coloured finish to your components for decorative or safety reasons, we can help. Sulphuric anodising puts a hard protective coating on components in a variety of colours including red, blue and black.

Pressure testing

We can pressure test cast and machined parts by using air under water or, for greater pressures, hydraulic testing to replicate their use out in the field. This enables our experts to assess the viability of the component and whether single or double impregnation will restore the required properties.

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